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TIKI SCULPTURE- Kawakawa Pounamu - GS871


Stunning Tiki carved locally, made from Kawakawa Pounamu sourced from the West Coast of NZ. This has been mounted on a wooden base with wrought iron rods to hold Tiki in place. Eyes are filled in with red wax seal for effect.

Hei Tiki is a symbol of fertility and good luck. It is also said to bring the wearer strength of character, allowing one to be loyal, clear headed and perceptive. The Tiki will often be depicted with its tongue poking out for protection.


220 mm height including base (Tiki - 150 mm)

98 mm width base (Tiki - 85 mm)

56 mm thickness base (Tiki - 13 mm)

You will receive the exact piece shown in photo.





Pounamu is so much more than a stone. It holds Wairua (spiritual essence) through its association with the land and its beauty. Each piece lends strength and well-being to the wearer, making it a true gift from the heart. Over time, Pounamu absorbs its owners' natural oils and takes on a beautiful lustre. It is then that the stone's essence becomes one with your own and the stone has truly chosen you.

We love the Pounamu we purchased from these guys and really appreciate how they replaced the cord for us a year later.

Melissa Watts


Your Pounamu should last you a lifetime - and more. Pounamu is said to increase in mana as it is passed on through generations. We guarantee that any Greenstone Shop piece will survive to become an heirloom piece, spreading its mana throughout your whanau if it is well cared for, loved and respected.

TIKI SCULPTURE- Kawakawa Pounamu - GS871