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Pounamu is formed deep within the earth. In a place where volcanic and sedimentary rocks meet, hot fluids cause a chemical reaction - a process which creates Jade. Over the last two million years, the Southern Alps have risen, bringing Jade to the surface with them. The precious stone is then delivered by water into the rivers and seas along the West Coast of the South Island.

Pounamu or Greenstone is regarded as a stone sacred to the gods by the Māori of New Zealand. Its Tāonga (meaning treasured) is said to increase in Mana (prestige) as it is passed on through generations. Each carving embodies a different spiritual gift that is bestowed upon the wearer.

This being said, Pounamu is so much more than a stone. It holds Wairua (spiritual essence) through its associated with the land and its beauty. Each piece lends strength and well-being to the wearer, making it a true gift from the heart. Over time, Pounamu absorbs its owners' natural oils and takes on a beautiful lustre. it is then that the stone's essence becomes one with your own, and the stone has truly chosen you.



Traditionally, Toki was used by Maori to cut and work timber for meeting houses and carvings Because of the determination, control and strength required to skillfully use the Toki, it became a symbol of ability, power and authority. Ceremonial Tokiwere traditionally worn by Māori elders and Chiefs to signify leadership qualities. May the Toki bring the wearer strength, courage and inspiration on their journey in life.


A traditional teardrop pendant which is known tothe Maori of New Zealand as the Roimata. It is said to represent the flow of positive energy, healing, comfort and strength on your journey through life. Teardrop pendants are generally regarded as touchstones, ideal for meditation. They also represent a connection to the land.


The Koru symbolises an unfurling fern frond, full of new life and fresh beginnings. It represents openness to infinite possibilities and symbolises unity within whanau.

Twist (Pikarua) is a beautiful symbol of friendship and love. It represents emerging paths that are always coming back together. A Twist is a wonderful gift of unity between people of different cultures or tribes.


The Manaia is a strong protective talisman, with the head of a bird, body of man and the tail of a fish. Traditionally, Manaia is believed to act as a messenger between mortals, and those in the spiritual world. It is as an impressive spiritual guardian to keep one safe.

Taniwha, when honoured and respected, can be a powerful, protective guardian - not just to people, but places as well. With the ability to shape-shift, in the water they could be sharks while on land they could be dragon like creatures. These kaitiaki (guardians), live in the depths of the rivers and seas, often where dangerous currents are. They form a connection between the physical world and the spiritual world of our ancestors.

The Niho represents strength, leadership and resilience.


Hei Matau offers strength, good luck and safe passage across land and water. They symbol represents prosperity, and abundance, while also denoting the important relationship with Tangaroa, God of the sea. Hei Matau is a perfect gift for anyone who has an affinity with the ocean, or is travelling overseas. Hei Matau will especially lend great luck to the wearer.

Whale Tails offer protection to the wearer as they navigate through life. Whales are a symbol of intelligence, compassion, and love. These pendants are the perfect gift for anyone with an affinity with the sea and these beautiful, sacred creatures.