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Exclusive Custom-Created New Zealand Flower Jade Sculptures Available on Request

Our individual New Zealand flower jade pieces are photographed and uploaded so you can choose which motif you want and select the carving that is exactly right for the purpose.


What You Can Expect From Greenstone Shop Regarding Flower Jade Pounamu

Kia Ora. We offer unique traditional Māori taonga (sacred treasures) and beautiful quality jewellery crafted by our on-site carvers.  Purchase that special pounamu "gift from the heart" from us.

Dean Taylor carved our pounamu symbol of love and friendship, the LG Heart. He also created our flower jade Whale Tail pendant for those who have a kinship with the sea and its magnificent creatures that embody intelligence, love, compassion, and protection.

Our Manaia pendant by Graeme Wylie is an imposing spiritual guardian with the head of a bird, body of a man, and tail of a fish. The Māori regard greenstone as sacred to the gods, and we’re convinced that you will wear it with pride and respect.

Consider our Tiki Sculpture on a wood base with red wax eyes for effect. Hei Tiki is a symbol of good luck, fertility, perception, loyalty, and being clearheaded. How about the LG Double Twist Hapopo pounamu sculpture by Allan Moreton? The twist or Pikarua is a symbol of love and friendship and shows that emerging life paths always come back together – a gift of harmony between different tribes and cultures that the recipient will appreciate.

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A Short Buyer’s Guide for Flower Jade in NZ

Nephrite jade is interchangeably referred to as pounamu or greenstone in NZ and comes in a variety of colours and tones. The flower jade variation is deep green with blooms of yellow to orangey-brown and is one of the loveliest to be found in the Marsden area of the West Coast.

We have a wide range of bracelets, earrings, jewellery, touchstones, and other designs for you to enjoy. Breastplate and shield pendants traditionally stand for well-being, calm, and protection, and we have many exquisite examples from which to choose.

Our traditional Roimata or teardrop pendants with Koru carved into the face represents new life, growth, healing, strength, comfort, peace, and positive energy through your life’s journey, and are often used as touchstones during meditation.

Koru is the Māori for fern frond or a spiral shape that represents the new silver fern frond as it unfurls, and will make a very meaningful gift to a loved one in the process of change.

We also have elegant engraved Roimata flower jade earrings that will make a striking set when paired with the pendant.


About Greenstone Shop

We donate to an organisation that protects our native wildlife and birds every year as we want to protect and preserve our heritage. Your purchases made it possible for us to support the Fairy Tern Trust in 2019, for which we thank you. Contact us to view our range.