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MED HEI MATAU - Hapopo Pounamu - M882


Lovely coloured Hapopo Pounamu, this is a much sort-after style carved by Dean Taylor.

Hei Matau represents strength and good health, luck and abundance, gives protection for travelers especially over water; and is considered a good luck charm for anyone with an affinity with the sea.


60 mm length

30 mm width

8 mm thickness

Comes with an adjustable black cord and a jute drawstring bag.

You will receive the exact piece shown in photo.


Hei Matau offers strength, good luck and safe passage across land and water. The symbol represents prosperity, and abundance, while also denoting the important relationship with Tangaroa, God of the Sea.

Hei Matau is the perfect gift for anyone who has an affinity with the ocean, or is travelling overseas. Hei Matau will especially lend great luck to the wearer.

Greenstone Shop provides an interesting and wide variety of pieces made from a fantastic stone, and created by people who really care about their craft.

Anne Doidge


Your Pounamu should last you a lifetime - and more. Pounamu is said to increase in mana as it is passed on through generations. We guarantee that any Greenstone Shop piece will survive to become an heirloom piece, spreading its mana throughout your whanau if it is well cared for, loved and respected.

MED HEI MATAU - Hapopo Pounamu - M882