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LG ROIMATA - TEARDROP - NZ Fuchsite Aotea Stone - H121


Beautifully coloured New Zealand Fuchsite Aotea Stone Roimata Carved by Dean Taylor.

Roimata is a shape that brings comfort and peace.

Also known as Hine Aotea this beautiful stone from South Westland area of the South Island of New Zealand is a blend of Blue Kyanite, Fuchsite and Quartz. Is said to be a stone of Devine Feminine energy bringing a deep sense of peace and tranquility to the wearer.


80 mm length

42 mm width

6 mm thickness

Comes with black adjustable cord.


A traditional teardrop pendant which is known to the Maori of New Zealand as the Roimata. It is said to represent the flow of positive energy, healing, comfort and strength on your journey through life. Teardrop pendants are generally regarded as touchstones, ideal for meditation. They also represent a connection to the land.

We love the Pounamu we purchased from these guys and really appreciate how they replaced the cord for us a year later.

Melissa Watts


Your Pounamu should last you a lifetime - and more. Pounamu is said to increase in mana as it is passed on through generations. We guarantee that any Greenstone Shop piece will survive to become an heirloom piece, spreading its mana throughout your whanau if it is well cared for, loved and respected.

LG ROIMATA - TEARDROP - NZ Fuchsite Aotea Stone - H121