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Lapis Lazuli Medium Heart Pendant (AK383)


Beautifully coloured Lapis Lazuli Heart. Carved by Dean Taylor.

Lapis Lazuli was sourced from Afghanistan, and hand carved here by Dean Taylor.

Lapis Lazuli metaphysically has been found to be a stone of inner truth, mental clarity, and awareness, also enhancing one’s natural intuitive abilities. Lapis has a wonderful protective element to it.


38 mm length

38 mm width

9 mm thickness

Comes with an adjustable cord and a jute drawstring bag.

This will be the exact piece you will receive in the photos, there may be a slight degree of colour variation based on different computer or mobile phone screen resolutions that you are viewing from.


Traditionally, Toki was used by Māori to cut and work timber for meeting houses and carvings. Because of the determination, control and strength required to skilfully use the Toki, it became a symbol of ability, power and authority. Ceremonial Toki were traditionally worn by Māori elders and Chiefs to signify leadership qualities.

May the Toki bring the wearer strength, courage and inspiration on their journey in life.

I was blown away by the service, quality and affordability. Louise was very helpful and accommodating and Dean is a great carver, clearly plenty of skill and pride goes into his work. Would highly recommend!

Jon Gordan


Your Pounamu should last you a lifetime - and more. Pounamu is said to increase in mana as it is passed on through generations. We guarantee that any Greenstone Shop piece will survive to become an heirloom piece, spreading its mana throughout your whanau if it is well cared for, loved and respected.

Lapis Lazuli Medium Heart Pendant (AK383)